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  • 1. L’Islam, c’est croire que cet univers et tout ce qu’il contient a un Créateur qui est Allâh (Dieu), unique, sans associé, au-dessus des cieux, observant Ses créatures, les scrutant et les écoutant, et que ce Créateur est le seul qui mérite d’être adoré. C’est donc délaisser l’adoration de tout autre que Dieu, et croire qu’Il n’a pas créé les gens sans raison, mais pour qu’ils L’adorent, et qu’Il leur redonnera la vie le jour de la résurrection et les jugera selon les œuvres qu’ils auront commises durant leur vie terrestre.
  • is to believe that Allah has angels that are unlike humans. He created them from light, and appointed jobs for them. Among them is the angel Gabriel, whom Allah has placed in charge of delivering the revelations to the Prophets, and an angel to take the souls, and many more.

  • is to believe that Allah has sent down books to the Prophets like the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms and the last being the Qur'an which He sent down to Muhammad Peasce be Upon him. All these books command to worship Allah alone with no partners. These books were faced with alternation due to the extensive length of time. This was done by the enemies of the religion who consume the money of the people by deception. Except the Qu'ran which was sent down to the Prophet Muhammad. It has been completely preserved within the chests of men, women, and children. Allah has made it a miracle for mankind and has taken it upon Himself to protect it from any kind of loss or alteration. Moreover, Allah has made the Qur'an dominate over the previous books. And it consists of various scientific facts which make the leading figures of modern science wetness its challenge.

  • is to believe that Allah created Adam from clay, and that he is the first human which Allah entered into paradise.

    Adam down to the earth and made for him offspring to test them. After many years people went astray, and the devils misled them to worshipping idols. So Allah sent Messengers from mankind to convey the message of Allah to them. The Message was to worship Allah alone with no partners, to follow the Messengers and to leave off any sort of worship to other than Allah. From the Prophets are Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the last of them, Muhammad, the seal of all Prophets. The muslim is not considered a true muslim unless he honors and belives in all Allah's Messangers.

  • is to believe that everything which happens in this universe is from the decree of Allah, and that He has already written it before it takes place. Of course, a person is Commanded to do action he is responsible for all his/her deeds in this life and in the after-life. So, a person must work and should not argue Allah's decree. And this belive makes you satisfied.

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